Drive Sales With Stories

Usually when you open an email, you get pain points by having a marketer state your problems—all by directing you back to a squeeze page for your hard-earned money. The truth is, there isn’t anything wrong with you.

When someone makes you read pain points, you are less likely to read the emails after a certain amount of time. You can go days without caring what one has to share because you know their intention is wrong. However, when you learn the principles of storytelling to create an uplifting message for your audience, you will be able to see new results, thus generating more engagement and income.

An audience that’s happy to hear from you will want you to tell more stories. By acknowledging their worth and true potential, your inbox will start flooding in new emails, messages, and an audience that craves your presence. Do you have what it takes to write stories that your audience will want to read…

Having the ability to share creative stories allows you to create a bond with your audience.

Storytelling is so engaging because it is very unexpected; especially, when a brand stands out among the crowd. When you only receive sales letters to buy new products, your mind gets bored. Receiving something that is energetic will want to make the reader want to read more. Words have energy; the way you choose your words and how you will structure a sentence can change so much.

Here’s the impact storytelling can have on your business:

  • More feedback from the client
  • Higher conversion rate on sales
  • Positive association with the product
  • Longer engagement time with the client
  • You transform your product to a feel-good product

If you’re tired of having low open-rates, no engagement on social media, blog posts, or even videos, you will learn how to give your stories that extra boost that will morph them into something profitable and spectacular. Clear your thoughts and be ready to brainstorm; let’s get more playful with the ideas that are stuck in your head!

This coaching is primarily focused on making your voice matter to the masses. Once you start this training, people will want to talk to you on the phone, video, or interview you. Note that telling powerful stories does bring in new clients but also a lot of amazing friends, and connections you never thought were possible.

The Breakdown

This 3-month package is for entrepreneurs and businesses that already have an email list, following on social media, and have a book.

Week 1: What is creative writing and how can you apply it to your business.

Week 2: The Hero’s Journey – Pain Points, Character building, and ending

Week 3: The 4 U’s of Copywriting and how to use them in your story

Week 4: Crafting Your Stories (From Start to Finish)

Week 5: In medias res (Starting from the middle of the story.

Week 6: Creating a setting

Week 7: Research Week – Bring me your favourite book/movie/speech and let’s dissect it

Week 8: Creative abundance: writing prompts

Week 9: Editing (Programs & Editors)

Week 10: Headlines, Buzzwords, Audience.

Week 11: Impact, Community, Wording

Week 12: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry For Business

Are you ready to bring the impact of storytelling to your business?

Here's what others have to say...

Jeffrey Rosca

The reason I hired him is because I saw a blog he wrote about an influencer (Jaiden Gross) on his Instagram. This is a blog that went viral about a year ago, reaching 5K likes and 30 comments, and it is then that I wrote his name down. Antoine always goes the extra mile.


You offered opportunities in my FB ad that I didn't even think about before and opened my eyes to the pain points of my audience. I was so focused on the creative aspect that I wasn't making sure it got in front of the right people. You helped me do that.

Kyle Pickard

Kaycin's Virtual Yoga Studio would still be an idea of mine floating in the air if it wasn't for you; it would've gotten stuck there. You helped me bring it into reality and I'm super grateful. I feel like when you post on Facebook, you are talking directly to me. I've listened to you, I've stepped out and took action. You’ve been great with encouraging me. When I find myself stuck in my head or stuck in a situation… I open up my Facebook and see your words and they directly correlate with whatever I'm going through.

Kaycin Audra

They get the insight of consistent putting timeless effort in their content. You wanted to make sure I was pleased with the work before you sent me an invoice. Not solely focused on getting paid

Cristhian Valentano

Antoine Airoldi communicated quickly. I was satisfied with the Facebook post that he wrote for me, thus bringing me more engagement and comments.

Miha Matlievski (The Fail Coach)

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