Stepping into Your Sexuality with Somatic Embodiment Practitioner

Stepping into Your Sexuality with Somatic Embodiment Practitioner

We are finally reaching a place in Westen culture where women’s sexuality is starting to slip out of the box labeled “taboo.” 

Unfortunately, there are many women who feel a strong desire to embrace their sexual dimension but are held back by an array of obstacles. 

Whether it is difficulty overcoming trauma birthed by the past or the ridiculous societal pressures that encourage women to cross their legs and lock their lips, many women need a little guidance to breakdown the walls to reach this place of genuine sensuality.

Paige Louise Nerner is a Somatic Embodiment Practitioner and self-love coach that provides just that.

Let’s learn more about this powerful woman and the wonderful work she does!

Who is Paige Nerner?

Paige Louise Nener is a soul-driven Somatic Embodiment Practitioner. Paige’s mission is to create global change in the realms of embodied seuxality and self-love—especially for young women and those who identify as non-binary.

As a Somatic Embodiment Practitioner, Paige believes that self-love goes way beyond loving your body. She specializes in embodied sexuality and using a self-pleasure modality to find wholeness and acceptance.

Paige is a mother herself, so she finds great fulfilment in helping mothers learn to love every part of them, including the loose skin, tired eyes, extra pounds and stretch marks that come with growing, birthing and raising a child. Her goal is to help women feel totally whole in every dimension of their existence.

When Paige isn’t devoting her time to changing the world, you will probably find her outside barefoot on the grass, spending time with her family.

Where Sexuality, Self-Pleasure and Body Positivity Meet

To Paige, masturbation and self-pleasure are not necessarily synonymous. She believes that masturbation is a great way to move stuck, stagnant energy throughout the body when used with awareness and total presence, but is not the end-all-be-all of self-pleasure.

It comes down to understanding how sex, love, self-awareness, self-respect and other aspects humanity play into the energy fields that operate through each human life. 

Teaching and allowing yourself to experience each energy while recognizing how each piece fits into the whole is what will allow you to feel complete with the highest degree of self-love.

Paige also notes that self-love should not come from a number on the scale or a size of jeans. Loving your body is but one small sliver of loving yourself. It comes from embracing all that you are and all that you are capable of.

Pure self-love will enhance every aspect of your life, including sex and other energetic movements. To Paige, self-love is freedom, and her mission is to help other women free themselves from negative thoughts, negative energies and other inhibitions. 

Connect with Paige

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If you’re curious about Paige’s work and eager to cultivate radical change in your own life, book a free 20 minute Connection Call.

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