Plus-size Boudoir Photographer Katie Weichmann Gets A Closer Look At Body Positivity

Katie Weichmann has been a photographer for 10 years, but didn’t start to explore boudoir until about four years ago. It all started when a bride asked her to do photos of her in her underwear at her wedding, and she thought to herself that she couldn’t do it, but would rather let her associate photographer do it instead. Her associate photographer was all about it so she did the photos! Since it was her clients wedding, she had to edit all of the images, and when she was editing them, something happened.

She thought that she could totally do this, especially since she had to edit the images, meaning guiding for a shoot. It would be easy. And she soon came to realize how simple it was. It was just about guiding the client on where to place their hands and legs.  So it peaked her interest and she held her very own model call in a hotel with some friends. The way those women looked at their photos when they were sent were amazing, and Katie was hooked. She knew boudoir images was so much more than just a photo shoot. It can completely change your perspective when it comes to your body.

Katie Weichmann is a fanatic of boudoir and nude photoshoots; she has been able to experience both: behind the lens and at the forefront of the image. These photoshoots can make you feel sexy obviously, but some people want to take it a step further and see that intimacy that they share with themselves or their partner and be able to have those images to look back on. This is why Katie’s clients dare to dress down progressively or go straight to nude shoots. It’s the perfect way to explore your sexuality to start feeling sexy again. 

She guides her clients throughout the photoshoots, until they are comfortable touching themselves, so she can step back and let them in a more natural state. It’s easier with couples however, because they can play off of one another. With couples, Katie usually just sits back and lets them take charge. 

Katie Weichmann is one rare photographer, especially since she is incredibly talented in establishing trust between herself and her clients. When they come in for their session, she goes over a few things from their questionnaire and they may ask any questions that they may have. She also sets herself apart due to her active Facebook group with a little over 11,000 women. This is where most of her clients get to know her before a shoot. She live streams herself to talk about her experiences and her followers can comment and also share what it was like working with Katie.

When Katie is not behind the camera, she also prefers nude sessions. She doesn’t have to worry about her clothes hugging her body too tight or being uncomfortable, she doesn’t  have to worry about how the cut is to make her booty look good or bad, nude is just so freeing and just so much easier to pose the body. She has not had her own erotica shoot, but is planning one for next summer, so she can enjoy her most intimate moments in front of the camera.


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