Lily Nicole: The Bold Bodied Entrepreneur, Coach and Podcaster

Lily Nicole: The Bold Bodied Entrepreneur, Coach and Podcaster

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lily Nicole. She is the self-established bold bodied entrepreneur who has made it her mission to “help women break up with the lifelong battle with their bodies to manifest their dreams.”

I’m excited for you all to get to know about this inspiring woman. Let’s get to it!

Who is Lily Nicole?

Lily is a coach who helps women with their body image by teaching them the art of self-love. 

She promotes body positivity which to her means “celebrating your body at any shape, size or look, and truly learning that your looks do matter. Not in the way that it matters what you look like,” but in a way that allows YOU to like how you look.

She explains if you’re not comfortable in your skin “you can’t properly express the thoughts and ideas and personality and energy that you have inside of you.”

Lily on all Things Self-Love

Lily defines self-love as “loving yourself as you would another person.” She says it’s not all bath bombs and face masks. Though the bath bombs and such could play a part in it, it’s really all about “truly loving yourself unconditionally.”

To Lily, self-love is the key to being able to love others. She tells me her message of love: “If you love yourself fully, forgive yourself fully and embrace yourself fully, you give others permission to do the same. And if we are all loved fully by ourselves, we have the strength to fully love others.”

Women should learn to love every part of themselves according to Lily. She says, “Women should cherish and embrace whatever they have. Curves, dimples, thick thighs, skinny legs, big noses or button noses. Whatever they have.”

Curvy and Courageous

Lily talks about her journey of loving her own body. She describes it as an ongoing process, specifying “not ongoing as in ‘a work in progress,’ just as in learning what I desire and what I need at every new step and level.” 

Lily’s growth in self-love has given her the strength and motivation to help others who think how she used to about her own body.

“I used to think things like big thighs and jiggly bellies were something to love only until I got rid of them…now I see them as beautiful and sexy just as they are right now,” said Lily.

Join Lily’s Community

If what Lily had to say about self-love resonated with you, you should certainly join Lily’s community! She runs a free Facebook group called #nofilter with Lily Nicole

In addition to her free group, she offers coaching that “helps women break up with the lifelong battle with their bodies in order to manifest dream experiences, dates, clients and soul sisters into their lives.”

Lily’s promise is to offer a more transformational approach that digs deep to the root of confidence issues that women have rather than sweeping them under the rug and putting on a positive mask.

Check out Lily’s podcast “The Bold-Bodied Podcast” on Spotify and iTunes. You can follow her daily life of self-love on Instagram and Facebook.

I believe, just like Lily, that everyone should love themselves. Start on the path to self-love today with Lily, I promise you won’t regret it. 

Antoine Airoldi

Antoine Airoldi is a sales expert, author, speaker, real estate investor, and Podcast Host of Creative & Passionate with Antoine Airoldi.

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