Sales in Your DM’s … What?

Ever get a message in your DM’s that pitched you immediately? 

Yea, you’ve probably seen this before – Without learning about you or what you do.Messages like this feel spammy – And it’s never fun to be on the sending end of them either. 

Usually, these messages are sent because you really need some sales and you feel a bit desperate – This is normal, but there is a better way. 

It starts by learning more about your ideal client and actually caring about them. It also usually means you need to solve a small problem in your direct messages before scheduling a discovery call. 


If you aren’t making money from your DM’s you are missing out. 

Sales in the DM’s doesn’t have to be “salesy” or “pushy” or inauthentic.
In fact it SHOULDN’T BE.

Don’t make the same mistakes as people in the past.

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