The Alarming Truths of Becoming Wealthy Revealed by Grant Cardone

The Alarming Truths of Becoming Wealthy Revealed by Grant Cardone

Money can be quite a sensitive subject, especially for those who don’t have much of it. Many demonize money, which drives people to the comfort of scarcity. However, Grant Cardone’s opposite views have lead him to a place of great abundance.

Early last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Grant Cardone, real estate investor, founder of Cardone Capital, philanthropist and leader behind the 10X Conference. In the interview, Grant gets real about the difference between growing rich and staying broke.

His mission is to help entrepreneurs break down the mindset barriers that keep them from filling their bank accounts with amounts of money that they once found unimaginable.
Redirecting Your Money Mindset

Redirecting Your Money Mindset

Grant recalls his childhood home where money was a nasty topic. Due to the loss of his father, the family took a financial hit. The family did all that they could to cut costs by clipping coupons and do what they could to scrape by.

When you grow up with very little, there are two ways that your life could go: you could become part of the cycle or you could be like Grant Cardone and break out with a bang.

In order to change his financial situation, he first had to change his mindset. He refused to succumb to that sense of financial scarcity that had pulled his family in and caused them to struggle.

He adopted a mindset of abundance and began to think big. He reports making money moves since he was young, but at fifty he cranked it up a notch. He started dreaming bigger and making some magnificently mega money moves. At this point, he learned what he was capable of.

He urges others to create bigger goals in order to push their boundaries and find their greatest potential.

Investing in Yourself to Grow Your Wealth

Investing in your business is absolutely necessary, and investing in yourself is equally as important. This is one of Grant’s most important pieces of advice.

One of Grant’s many ventures is “Cardone U.” This online school offers programs to entrepreneurs on everything from staying motivated to sales to buyers’ psychology. 

These courses are moderately priced a la carte, but you can invest in a lifetime of resources for just under $25k. 

In order to feel comfortable in investing in yourself, you need to understand the value that the investments will return to your business and your life. That $600 course may seem expensive, but it could give you the tools or the mindset shift that you need to make a million.

Aside from filling your brain with golden information, invest in yourself in more personal ways. Partake in activities that inspire you and help you set bigger goals. Setting athletic and physical goals is great for mindset work, plus maintaining a healthy body will help you excel in your business. 

Travel and volunteer work are also two other pastimes that tend to be awfully inspiring. Do what works for you. Invest in every aspect of yourself so that you can reach your goals and then set some bigger ones. 

Unpopular Opinion: Focus on the Money

At the end of the day, Grant’s most important piece of advice is to focus on the money. Make peace with money, do not treat it as an evil object and set your goals from a place of abundance. 

Money doesn’t have to be your only motivation, but it is important to think of most things in terms of money.

Set real and tangible business goals that have a dollar value. Allow yourself to believe that you are capable and worthy of earning that amount of money. Stop holding yourself back because you yearn from a place of scarcity.

What is your money mindset like? Do you lean towards abundance or scarcity? How do you need to shift your mindset to start bringing in the big bucks?

Want to learn more from Grant Cardone? Check out his podcast, free books and his blog today!

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