Social Media is at the forefront of our daily lives — most importantly, Facebook is one of those platforms that most individuals go to: individuals are on Facebook for social security, and most importantly, a place to grow their business. Facebook exists to enhance personal brands: when using Facebook Dark Posts to integrate a user-friendly marketing strategy, the social platform engages in selling a product or service more easily. Facebook video is also a marketing tool that can propel itself to a larger audience. Facebook Live helps propel an entrepreneur or company’s message to the masses and reaches prospects quickly. In this essay, I will be arguing that Facebook is not only an extension of individuals but also a marketing tool that individuals use to leverage their ideas to make sales. However, the medium is not the message. The medium uses strong algorithms to enhance the message.

Dark Posts On Facebook

Facebook Dark Posts exist to benefit companies and entrepreneurs as they propel ads, videos, and images: these posts will reach the masses and targeted groups. With the help of technology, this is now plausible, in creating an algorithm that can reach everyone, as it is a great marketing tactic. In Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, Marshall McLuhan expresses concern for “automation” with any new medium — especially with technology (7). Automation changes the medium to a more robotic standpoint. According to McLuhan, “the essence of automation technology is…integral and decentralist in depth, just as the machine was fragmentary, centralist, and superficial in its patterning of human relationships” (8). However, one entrepreneur does not see it that way. Gary Vaynerchuk mentions that “Facebook Dark Posts” are a great way to enhance sales as you can “reach everyone” (Gary Vaynerchuk: Why you need to be using Facebook dark posts). The posts help entrepreneurs sell to the masses that have an interest in a specific product or service. Therefore, the medium enhances sells, which targets an audience — however; its user has to enable the specifics for this to work. The medium is in no way robotic without having the human. The medium Facebook is, in fact, a tool to leverage sales much faster, and it is essential in today’s competitive marketing industry. This may seem robotic but it enhances the world of marketing, which changes today. Gary Vaynerchuk confirms this information when he talks about Facebook Ads. He says,

[We have] never had an ad product with incredible accuracy, one that could target to age, sex, occupation, and on top of that behaviours and interests. By partnering up with data mining companies, Facebook can now tell us not only demographics of its users, but their buying histories, both online and off. You can literally target one ad to nineteen-year-old men with facial hair…another one to twenty-three-year-old women in Detroit who wear contact lenses and play golf (Vaynerchuk 180).

Therefore, Facebook is not only an extension of individuals selling products but a medium that responds to more people — it simply helps to better the experience of marketing. The medium in this instance is not the message. The message creates itself with the medium. The message, strengthened, by using this specific medium: Facebook Dark Posts — also known as the Power Editor makes reaching specific individuals attainable.

Facebook’s Power Editor

Facebook’s Power Editor allows users to share videos to a mass audience. The Power Editor will propel the video to the masses as a marketing strategy. The video speaks to a target audience to have an impact on them. For example, a Video Sales Letter (VSL) — known as affiliate marketing — is a strong strategy. A text, written by a copywriter, before video production, is highly recommended. Then, the text’s memorization will play a great role in this process — to seem trustworthy. A Video Sales Letter is a form of copy suited for video. This is essentially a sales pitch, to get a prospect of buying a product or service. Once the text is available, spoken with enthusiasm — and knowing that your copy is full of facts — will make you sell your product or service at an incredible rate. McLuhan argues that the consumers do not know the origin of Video Sales Letter/ Facebook Video because of the changes: from text to video. He argues that,

The effect of the medium is made strong and intense just because it is given another medium as ‘content.’ The content of a movie is a novel or a play or an opera. The effect of the movie form is not related to its program content. The ‘content’ of writing or print is speech, but the reader is almost entirely unaware either of print or speech (18).

However, it is not true. A Video Sales Letter derives from copywriting to speak to a prospect. Affiliate marketing takes time for its effectiveness. Copywriters need time to write a trustworthy text. Copywriters use their time to make their copy unique, ultra-friendly, and urgent, with ultra-specific proof. The viewer of such a video notices that a sales pitch is a form of writing — the video does not exist without the text. The medium strengthens the message. The message, written before filming, helps to convert a prospect into a client when watching.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is another feature of automation, one that can reach many when a company or person brands their image well. The viewer expects strong content as it is dominant in Facebook’s news feed. In this instance, McLuhan’s argument holds value to Facebook Live. “Specialized segments of attention have shifted to [a] total field, and we can now say, ‘the medium is the message’ quite naturally…In the electric age this integral idea of structure and configuration has become so prevalent that educational theory has taken up the matter,” he argues (13). This statement is slightly true because there are YouTube tutorials or even experts in the field that can guide you in making a great live video. Nevertheless, the medium is not the message. It may be the only of its kind. A platform like Instagram does have a similar feature; however, the experience is different. Furthermore, Facebook Live becomes an extension of people that want to use it as a tool to convert sales. Facebook Live allows access to people. These live videos inform, lets the viewer ask questions, and get answers rapidly. It may seem that Facebook Live is the message, but it is not. It helps to integrate a message to the masses — quickly and effectively.

In retrospect, Facebook as a medium becomes an extension of humans, which helps advertise precisely and effectively to a target audience. Facebook videos propel into news feeds as sponsor Ads to target specific people with the help of a copywriter to leverage sales. Facebook Live is an extension of individuals that wish to reach the masses. With the help of Facebook, people can reach more people in less time. The platform Facebook helps improve a message — it is not the message — only an extension to facilitate one’s experience when trying to launch a business.

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