Amber Blasco is a small business owner that specializes in botanical self-care. It’s a more practical approach to busy lifestyles, but is effective in helping people recalibrate their connection with nature.

On Mindset

Mother nature is the strongest exterior force in our lives. Can nature define our state of mind?

Absolutely! If you think about it, we can’t even live without the existence of plants- we need them to breathe. There is an innate connection between humans and botanicals whether we realize the connection or not. Utilizing the power of Mother Nature keeps us connected with our essence and our primal side that is so often neglected in modern day society. I believe it is a uniquely essential element in recalibration.

Emotion plays a crucial part in your life. They serve to tell you how you should feel. However, as a business owner, how do you negate emotions that deteriorate your day?

For me, it comes down to momentary recognition versus denial. Denial stacks up and can extend my negative emotions, whereas acknowledging that I feel scared, overwhelmed, distracted, etc., is a way of being in the “Now” and getting to the root of why I feel this way. I’ve found a good cup of tea, deep breaths, and writing down emotions or writing down a task list helps me to break it down. I struggle with anxiety, and I’ve found utilizing botanicals through aromatherapy and ingestion, as well as being a person of action instead of worry, helps to greatly squash anything I’m experiencing in order to move forward. It’s all about figuring out how to recalibrate and keep going.

Books help us define our world, tell narratives that can flick a light switch in our minds, and allow us to grow from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. What books have helped you reframe your mindset?

Oh my goodness. Okay, so many books have deeply changed my perspective for the better. They aren’t necessarily business based books, but they are books that have freed me from conventional thought, and therefore, have freed my life to grow in ways I never thought to be possible.

On Authenticity: Franny & Zooey, J.D. Salinger
On Ethics: The Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle
On Giving and learning personal boundaries: Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald
On Unconditional Love and Sacrifice: Layla & Majnun, Nizami Ganjavi; The Broken Wings, Kahlil Gibran
On How to take your skill and make it into a successful, lucrative business:
The Art, Science, & Business of Aromatherapy, Kayla Fioravanti
Marketing for startups: The Best of Guerilla Marketing

On Creativity

You created your own products, which for the most part, many businesses cannot attest to claim anything like it. Most often, businesses offer services. However, you were able to change that by offering both. How did you put yourself in a position to succeed by achieving a bold step in your business?

It happened organically. I’ve worked as a makeup artist my entire career. The competition is incredibly fierce. You have to establish yourself not only as a highly skilled artist, but as someone who is reliable and brings a calm vibe to every gig. You are there to ensure everything goes smoothly on a lot of levels beyond just doing makeup. After completing an Aromatherapy Certification, and personally using botanicals for years for my own well being, I decided to bring special blends and products to gigs to help clients.

And to be transparent, I didn’t intend to launch anything at the time. The biggest purpose was to help people through featuring time honored rituals through botanicals.
These blends were solely for use in my makeup kit, and a way to bring positive emotions to my clients- be it calming, centering, energizing, clarity, focus, or whatever was needed at the time. People book your makeup services for major events- interviews, film, red carpet, bridal, etc. It is so important that they feel AND look their best, and it is my job to bring these elements to clients in any way possible.

I started getting requests for products during and after gigs from everyone on set. I then decided to let this guide me into the next natural step of my business- launching products for people to have on their own time. It is all inspired by botanical wellness on the go. We all know life doesn’t wait, and, truly, neither should self-care. Everybody mentions they’d love to book 3 hours at the spa, but it isn’t necessarily conducive to a busy lifestyle. I also hear that it would be wonderful to go wander in the woods, swim in the ocean, listen to a bubbling stream to help during those hectic moments. I figured if we couldn’t be in nature in this form in order to relax and recalibrate, then I wanted to bring nature to the client during those moments. That is the concept behind everything I am doing.

Igniting the first spark in any creative realm sparks the interest of the muses. Do you claim to have a calling from them, energy, or from a divine being when creating?

Ooooh! Thanks for the cosmic question, Antoine!

Before I got started on the service portion of my business, Beauty Adorned, I wrote a letter to the Universe, the Divine Light (which, to me, can’t truly be quantified, but is seen as the space between loving and being loved, fault and forgiveness, humor and laughter, need and help given, playfulness and connecting to our inner child, misunderstanding and empathy, etc.). In the personal and public sphere of life, this is the ultimate aspiration in every action and interaction.

In my heart and mind, there is a Collective Consciousness. If I am not tapped into the Divine Light with intentions and actions, and into Collective Consciousness with my connection to all living beings, in a constant and deeply meditative way, there will be a disconnect.

With disconnect, comes a lack of alignment with others and with myself (as art isn’t truly art unless it is connecting emotionally to others). These are the main elements of precisely where I am aspiring to be with services and products.

My ever present reminder is a Sanskrit Mantra tattooed on my arm: “Happiness and Freedom for ALL living beings; and may my thoughts, words, and actions, always somehow contribute to the Happiness and Freedom for ALL.”

So yes, this is of vital importance to my business and to who I aspire to be as a conscious human being!

On Brand Awareness

Branding yourself is quite important. It defines who you are and what you stand for. How does your personal brand increase awareness to those who do not purchase any of your products?

It is all about being conscious and loving Mother Nature on every level possible. Aşk Botanicals is organic, vegan, fair trade, sustainably sourced, fully recyclable packaging (glass, aluminum, and paperboard), and 100% original creations that have taken years to perfect. Hopefully this inspires others to look for the same elements when deciding where and how to spend their money. 🙂 Consumers have a lot more power than I think they realize.

To those who do not have their own business, does a personal brand help them add awareness when applying to jobs?

As in being known for what they stand for? Definitely. People love people who are passionate about something. Standing up for your passion is a form of authenticity. Oftentimes, it can align with your career. Even if it doesn’t, it shows who you are as a person!


You are an expert in your niche and many look up to you as a woman and business owner. What advice can you give to those who wish to serve their community with a elevated status?

The time is always now. Don’t let doubt talk you into being stagnant. Being scared just means you care, and that is a good thing!

Actively look for mentors. Encouragement is needed to get started, but then ask for honest feedback in order to successfully sustain what you are doing. Once you get to a solid point, pay it forward and help others! There is enough abundance and success to go around.

If starting or following through on your dream feels like a huge mountain and you don’t know where to start, break everything down, and give yourself strict deadlines. I call it “power hour”. If you dedicate just one hour daily towards your ultimate vision, you will be super shocked with how far you can get in just one month. You’ll be able to start your dream business in no time. Scale up your time spent as your business scales up, until it’s time to replace your day job with your dream.

Lastly, figure out where you are weak when it comes to business, and focus on that the most. For me, being naturally organized is difficult, while creating is easy. Knowing this about myself, I have a day planner that organizes my day by the hour, I utilize Trello for product development projects, and Google Calendar is synced with my phone. Don’t let your areas of opportunity stop you from doing what you need to do! There are always ways to develop and manage yourself with technology.

Keep telling yourself, always, “I am becoming”, no matter where you are in the process. Know that the process is always present.

Last, but definitely not least, where can people know more about your business?

Thank you dearly for asking, Antoine!

The Facebook Group, Beauty Adorned, that is amazing. Industry professionals, celebrity makeup artists, freelance hair stylists, and beauty fanatics share tips in this vibrant community of 3k! It is a creative, kindhearted, and sacred space for all who want to learn and see more ideas on self-care through beauty rituals.

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