Meet Antoine

As a child, I made awful fan fiction. Creating my own social construct due to the fact that I had little to no friends. I was bullied from elementary to high school so that social presence always lacked in school. I was the short child, weak, and unpopular.

I also drew a lot.

Any form of storytelling, I would be attracted to because I was the creator of a life that existed beyond my own.

Why storytelling?

I liked playing around with action figures until my early teens. I would make them talk and say things, the freedom to create, freedom to have a society with other rules. You can make people think differently, live a abnormal life like saving the world, defeating their enemies within seconds, and saving the world.

People are drawn to narratives of all forms: music, art, movies, audio, books. The reason why people are so drawn to them is because it is a world beyond our own. We can enter a new world but we cannot bring this fiction-like experience to earth as a lived experience. Narratives help us escape our mundane lives, thus presenting a purpose, and a a motive for creating our own reality. We can make people feel certain emotions without even being in the same room as them.

I believe that creativity can be accessed by all.

I do use my creativity more than others, but we can all tap into our own creative ways. I believe that this can be taught. 

Storytelling as an escape, a world that exists beyond our own, no matter how perfect our lives may be, it will never become a direct reflection of the stories we tell. By creating that other world, you’re inviting someone to engage with that escape. That is the power of storytelling. 

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