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Have you ever noticed that people click on your website but have no clue what to do next?
Every time they click off your page without finding what they are looking for, you lose a new client.

When there is no guidance or clear offer they’re forced to wander around while they try to figure out why they are even on your website to start with. 

You need to give them direction. 

You need to guide them down the path you want them to take.

Creating copy that converts may seem like a daunting task. But on your free consultation call, we will teach you how to turn cold leads into warm prospects by providing you with the most relevant and effective strategies to master direct-response copywriting

I’M Antoine airoldi

Antoine Airoldi is the CEO of Antoine Airoldi Communications Inc., a ghostwriting agency that helps influencers and business owners skyrocket their brand FAST!

As a consultant that has helped people go from having an idea to becoming published authors in 90 days, he has also contributed to The Sherbrooke Record, The Townships Sun, Adelaide Literary Magazine, and many more online publications. Furthermore, he is the author of “Insights From Professionals”, featured in the international bestselling book, Magnetic Entrepreneur.

With that being said, Antoine also works out at his local gym to always show consistent results in all areas of his life.

The Power of Words – How Writing Enhances Your Marketing Strategy

For thousands of years, business owners have set out to attract new clients. But due to poor delivery with their message, they often fail and end up in the red. 

With the information provided on our free consultation call, you’ll have everything you need to get out there and create killer offers that drive conversions and help you hit your business goals.

However, if you would like to just have us do it for you and you’re serious about dominating your market and maximizing your investment (down to the last dollar), I have some great news for you.

For a limited time we’re offering you a 30-minute strategy session where we’ll discuss your business goals and challenges and draw up a plan that works for your business. This call is for business owners who are serious about elevating their business to the next level.

Does this sound like you? Schedule your free call today.

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We have tested our proven copy strategies throughout multiple mediums and platforms. This simplified approach works every single time. This unique skill can earn you thousands when used correctly. 

Everyone who knows anything about marketing knows the 4U’s of Copy: uniqueness, ultra-specific proof, urgency, and usefulness. 

But what about storytelling? How do you really bring your copy to life?
On this FREE call, we will teach you how to incorporate elements of storytelling into your copy

Think You Need an In-house Copywriter to Create Your Content? Wrong!

Hiring full-time employees is one route to go, but it’s likely that it won’t solve your issue of impotent copy. 

More often than not, people that are hired for marketing positions have little experience with copywriting. Afterall, copywriting is the smallest part of the marketing programs that you’re in-house staff has graduated from. 

You need an expert who lives and breathes copywriting. 

Say goodbye to hiring staff that only show up for a paycheck and don’t care about making your company more money!


"What is easier than following the instructions and eating the cake?"

“The thing all writers do best is find ways to avoid writing” Alan Dean Foster notes. Are you among the many who may be looking for a speedy solution? Along with fear, procrastination can bethought of as the ultimate factor in which our talents become imprisoned within our own minds. As an informative writer myself, I was relieved to feel eager while I indulged in Antoine Airoldi’s perspective on strategic and efficient methods to sooner complete an unfinished book. What is easier than following the instructions and eating the cake? Dare to share your published thoughts and stories in ninety days? 

Samantha Bienvenu

"For an amazing price, Antoine's course delivers some amazing value!"

“I would definitely recommend Antoine’s course for both new and experienced writers. I’ve been in the industry a long time, but his course has inspired some new ideas for my work in progress that I hadn’t thought of previously. It’s also helped motivate me to get more writing done, even with a full time job. For an amazing price, Antoine’s course delivers some amazing value!” 

Holly Slater

"Avoid some of the costly mistakes most of the first-time authors make."

“Having someone like Antoine Airoldi coaching you throughout the process with both solid strategy and confirmed endorsements are major keys. If you are a first-time author, Antoine’s coaching will save you more valuable time and help you avoid some of the costly mistakes most of the first-time authors make.” 

 Erol Ertumen

International Best-Selling Author, a Christian helping entrepreneurs attract their target audience and make money via LinkedIn

"Antoine Airoldi is my go-to coach for any written content."

“Antoine Airoldi is my go-to coach for writing not only books, but any written content in general. His knowledge is boundless and his advice is always spot on. He has been instrumental in helping me craft my messages in my personal branding and in my podcast. I highly recommend.” 

Keith Neuman

Host of the Mindset Mastery Podcast

“Antoine’s effective writing skills has helped me so much. Let’s not forget his amazing skills as a show host. I strongly recommend him!”

Ian Lajoie

Performance Coach

“Antoine is the definition of hard work. If he set up a goal he will do it until the end. Antoine is always trying news methods to grow his skills as a speaker and leader. We have been working together on the same project vlog/podcast. As co-host of the Road to the IPO – Alulu Tech, he has delivered more than we could have ever imagined.”

Hugo Prince

Podcaster, People Lover & Content Creator

“Antoine is truly astonishing! He is highly recommended to anyone who is looking to become a published author in record time. He really knows his stuff and his wealth of knowledge and expertise goes well beyond the publishing space.”

Richard Kim

“Antoine has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He has amazing ideas and executes them well. His passion for helping his clients grow comes through in everything he does. I look forward to working with him more in the future.”

Emily Krings

Quill to Keys Content Writing:

“Antoine Airoldi has many strengths, and for me what has been most helpful is his ability to keep me accountable. Antoine stays one step ahead on my own projects and is always working on multiple things for his own business on the side. He is truly at the top of his industry!”

Max Weltman

Musician / Author

“Antoine, has been a wealth of knowledge for me. I have really enjoyed working with him. I have learned so much from him and I am so thankful I made the decision to work with him.”

Haley Helveston

Sex & Relationship Coach

“Antoine is always prompt and delivers on what he promises. He has a high level of competence in strategizing what a client needs in order to make their product or brand reach a larger audience.”

Cristhian Plasencia

News Reporter

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